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173 lots found Excel

Summary INFO Lots Sold Total Sales Average Median Top Price
Day 1 133 35,505,000 266,955 170,000 3,400,000
Whole Sale 392 106,503,000 271,691 167,500 3,500,000
 + Other Private Sales 3 520,000      
Lot NamebySireexDam INFO Consignor Purchaser Price
125 Gleneagles (IRE) / Sogno Verde (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Church View Stables, Ireland A C Elliott, Agent 300,000
158 Iffraaj (GB) / The Madding Crowd (GB) B.C. (GB) Highclere Stud Al Shaqab Racing 190,000
82 Siyouni (FR) / Ruby Rocket (IRE) B.F. (GB) New England Stud Al Shaqab Racing 160,000
35 Australia (GB) / Pivotalia (IRE) Ch.C. (IRE) Camas Park Stud, Ireland Al Shaqab Racing 200,000
86 Pivotal (GB) / Sallabeh (GB) B.F. (GB) Houghton Bloodstock Al Shaqab Racing 200,000
20 Zoffany (IRE) / One So Marvellous (GB) Ch.C. (GB) Meon Valley Stud Andrew Balding 65,000
49 Mastercraftsman (IRE) / Promise Me (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Rockfield Farm, Ireland Andrew Balding 50,000
53 Gleneagles (IRE) / Que Puntual (ARG) B.F. (GB) New England Stud BBA Ireland 200,000
51 Mastercraftsman (IRE) / Purple Glow (IRE) Gr.C. (IRE) Lynn Lodge Stud, Ireland BBA Ireland 100,000
12 Golden Horn (GB) / Night Frolic (GB) B.C. (GB) Highclere Stud Blandford Bloodstock 300,000
46 Kendargent (FR) / Premiere Danseuse (GB) Ch.C. (GB) Hillwood Stud Blandford Bloodstock 110,000
154 Gleneagles (IRE) / Tarbela (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Glenvale Stud, Ireland Blandford Bloodstock 500,000
45 Oasis Dream (GB) / Predicted (GB) B.F. (IRE) Genesis Green Stud Blandford Bloodstock 200,000
156 Iffraaj (GB) / Terentia (GB) Br.C. (GB) Throckmorton Court Stud Blandford Bloodstock 55,000
110 Society Rock (IRE) / Shehila (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Tally-Ho Stud, Ireland Blandford Bloodstock 180,000
55 Hallowed Crown (AUS) / Queen Wasp (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Kilminfoyle House Stud, Ireland (Agent) Blandford Bloodstock/ R Hughes 52,000
74 Frankel (GB) / Rose of Miracles (GB) B.C. (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Blue Diamond Stud Farm UK 200,000
8 Fastnet Rock (AUS) / Nessina (USA) B.C. (GB) Highclere Stud Blue Diamond Stud UK 50,000
17 Frankel (GB) / Nouriya (GB) B.F. (GB) Highclere Stud Blue Diamond Stud UK 650,000
5 New Approach (IRE) / Nazli (IRE) B.C. (GB) Voute Sales Ltd. (Agent) Blue Diamond Stud UK 30,000
3 Dubawi (IRE) / Nashmiah (IRE) B.C. (GB) Highclere Stud Borje Olsson 260,000
67 No Nay Never (USA) / Rhiannon (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Kilminfoyle House Stud, Ireland (Agent) Broadhurst Agency 130,000
95 Sea The Stars (IRE) / Sayyedati Storm (USA) Ch.F. (GB) Houghton Bloodstock Broadhurst Agency 240,000
64 Sea The Stars (IRE) / Reflective (USA) B.F. (IRE) Watership Down Stud C Gordon-Watson Bloodstock 500,000
126 Sea The Stars (IRE) / Solar Moon (GB) B.F. (IRE) Norelands Stud, Ireland C Gordon-Watson Bloodstock 475,000
122 Golden Horn (GB) / Snow Pine (GB) B.C. (IRE) Barronstown Stud, Ireland C Gordon-Watson Bloodstock 280,000
139 Sea The Stars (IRE) / Step Lightly (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Mount Coote Stud, Ireland Creighton Schwartz Bloodstock 27,000
117 Gleneagles (IRE) / Sitara (GB) B.F. (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment David Redvers Bloodstock 115,000
173 Acclamation (GB) / Twinkling Ice (USA) B.F. (IRE) Rockfield Farm, Ireland Gaelic Bloodstock 85,000
91 Lope de Vega (IRE) / Sar Oiche (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Deerpark Stud, Ireland Gaelic Bloodstock 80,000
119 Iffraaj (GB) / Skirrid (GB) B.C. (GB) Tally-Ho Stud, Ireland Gaelic Bloodstock 85,000
61 Dark Angel (IRE) / Real Sense (IRE) Gr.F. (GB) Mountain View Stud, Ireland Gestut Gunay Equestrian Invest 52,000
118 War Command (USA) / Sixpenny Sweets (IRE) Gr.C. (IRE) Culworth Grounds Farm H Morrison 100,000
92 Dawn Approach (IRE) / Sarinda (GB) Ch.F. (GB) Genesis Green Stud Highflyer Bloodstock/Johnson Houghton 38,000
37 Invincible Spirit (IRE) / Pleasantry (GB) Br.C. (IRE) Oghill House Stud, Ireland Hillen / Ryan 310,000
131 New Approach (IRE) / Spirit of Dubai (IRE) B.F. (GB) Barton Stud Hillen / Ryan 165,000
147 Muhaarar (GB) / Swift Campaign (IRE) B.C. (GB) New England Stud Hillen / Ryan 160,000
166 Siyouni (FR) / Titian's Pride (USA) Ch.F. (GB) Kildaragh Stud, Ireland (Agent) Hillen / Ryan 130,000
23 Lope de Vega (IRE) / Oriental Magic (GER) B.C. (IRE) Kildaragh Stud, Ireland (Agent) Hillen / Ryan 140,000
29 Lope de Vega (IRE) / Penelope Star (GER) Ch.F. (IRE) Mr R. Ahern Horses & Berries SL 85,000
98 Kodiac (GB) / Scotch Bonnet (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Camas Park Stud, Ireland Howson & Houldsworth Bloodstock 255,000
43 Iffraaj (GB) / Power of Light (IRE) B.F. (GB) Barton Stud Hugo Palmer 50,000
135 Exceed And Excel (AUS) / Starry Messenger (GB) B.F. (IRE) Castledillon Stud, Ireland (Agent) J B Bloodstock 100,000
130 Sea The Stars (IRE) / Spinaminnie (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Barouche Stud (Ireland) Ltd. J B Bloodstock 120,000
56 Sea The Stars (IRE) / Queen's Conquer (GB) Ch.C. (IRE) Pier House Stud, Ireland Jamie B Bloodstock 100,000
2 Muhaarar (GB) / Najam (GB) B.F. (IRE) Barronstown Stud, Ireland Jamie McCalmont 95,000
97 Kodiac (GB) / Scholarly (GB) B.C. (IRE) Mountain View Stud, Ireland Jeremy Brummitt (P.S.) 100,000
123 Kodiac (GB) / Society Pearl (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Tally-Ho Stud, Ireland Jeremy Brummitt 75,000
1 Exceed And Excel (AUS) / Nahab (GB) Ch.C. (GB) Hillwood Stud Jill Lamb Bloodstock (P.S.) 80,000
96 Iffraaj (GB) / Scent of Roses (IRE) B.F. (GB) Fernham Farm Johayro / F Brady 75,000
159 Dubawi (IRE) / The Miniver Rose (IRE) B.F. (GB) Highclere Stud John & Jake Warren 400,000
62 Zoffany (IRE) / Red Fantasy (IRE) B.F. (GB) Moyns Park Stud John & Jake Warren 75,000
136 Dansili (GB) / Stealth Missile (IRE) Br.C. (IRE) Oaklawn Stud, Ireland Juddmonte Farms 80,000
111 No Nay Never (USA) / Shelley Beach (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Glenvale Stud, Ireland Kerri Radcliffe Bloodstock Agent For Lady Sheila Stables and George Bolton 650,000
170 Kingman (GB) / Toujours L'Amour (GB) B.C. (GB) Deerfield Farm Klaravich Stables 210,000
38 Golden Horn (GB) / Polarized (GB) B.C. (FR) Jamie Railton (Agent) Klaravich Stables 200,000
105 Lope de Vega (IRE) / Sensationally (GB) B.C. (GB) Meon Valley Stud Klaravich Stables 160,000
63 Exceed And Excel (AUS) / Red Intrigue (IRE) B.C. (GB) Yeomanstown Stud, Ireland Leung Kai Fai 150,000
18 Kitten's Joy (USA) / Oak Trees Dancing (USA) Ch.C. (USA) Voute Sales Ltd. (Agent) Lot Not Sold 190,000
26 Kingman (GB) / Peinture Abstraite (GB) B.C. (GB) Stauffenberg Bloodstock Lot Not Sold 240,000
83 Fastnet Rock (AUS) / Sailors Path (GB) B.F. (GB) Egerton Stud Lot Not Sold 58,000
10 Exceed And Excel (AUS) / Nidhaal (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Jamie Railton (Agent) Lot Withdrawn
171 Night of Thunder (IRE) / Travel (USA) Ch.C. (IRE) Jamie Railton (Agent) Lot Withdrawn
15 Kingman (GB) / Noozhah (GB) B.C. (GB) Norris Bloodstock Lot Withdrawn
167 Siyouni (FR) / Titivation (GB) B.C. (IRE) Floors Stud Lot Withdrawn
71 Fastnet Rock (AUS) / Rohain (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Norris Bloodstock Lot Withdrawn
153 Make Believe (GB) / Tanouma (USA) B.F. (IRE) Voute Sales Ltd. (Agent) Lot Withdrawn
50 Kingman (GB) / Pure Excellence (GB) B.F. (IRE) Hazelwood Bloodstock Lot Withdrawn
27 Siyouni (FR) / Peinture Rose (USA) B.C. (FR) European Sales Management Lot Withdrawn
81 Dubawi (IRE) / Royal Secrets (IRE) B.F. (GB) Genesis Green Stud Lot Withdrawn
108 Frankel (GB) / Shama's Crown (IRE) Ch.C. (IRE) Genesis Green Stud Lot Withdrawn
48 Shamardal (USA) / Prime Run (GB) Ch.C. (IRE) Genesis Green Stud Lot Withdrawn
57 Helmet (AUS) / Queen's Rose (GB) Ch.F. (GB) Houghton Bloodstock Lot Withdrawn
84 Pivotal (GB) / Salacia (IRE) B.F. (GB) Voute Sales Ltd. (Agent) Lot Withdrawn
150 Shamardal (USA) / Taaqah (USA) Br.F. (GB) New England Stud Lot Withdrawn
116 Australia (GB) / Silken Terms (GB) B.C. (GB) Pier House Stud, Ireland Lot Withdrawn
94 Invincible Spirit (IRE) / Savanne (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Ronald Rauscher (Agent) Lot Withdrawn
69 Frankel (GB) / Riberac (GB) B.C. (GB) Highclere Stud Mark Johnston Racing 170,000
11 Make Believe (GB) / Night Fever (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Barouche Stud (Ireland) Ltd. McKeever Bloodstock (P.S.) 35,000
73 Muhaarar (GB) / Rose Blossom (GB) B.F. (GB) Lofts Hall Stud Mike Ryan 130,000
90 Galileo (IRE) / Saphira's Fire (IRE) B.F. (GB) Heatherwold Stud MV Magnier 450,000
101 Zoffany (IRE) / Seatone (USA) B.C. (IRE) Camas Park Stud, Ireland MV Magnier 220,000
103 No Nay Never (USA) / Seeking Solace (GB) B.F. (IRE) Camas Park Stud, Ireland MV Magnier 600,000
106 Galileo (IRE) / Sent From Heaven (IRE) B.C. (IRE) New England Stud MV Magnier 150,000
109 Galileo (IRE) / Shastye (IRE) B.C. (GB) Newsells Park Stud Ltd. MV Magnier 3,400,000
112 Kingman (GB) / Shemya (FR) Gr.C. (IRE) Kilminfoyle House Stud, Ireland (Agent) MV Magnier 1,050,000
28 Galileo (IRE) / Penchant (GB) B.F. (IRE) Glenvale Stud, Ireland Narvick International 1,200,000
32 Muhaarar (GB) / Persario (GB) B.C. (GB) Newsells Park Stud Ltd. Nick Bradley Racing / Karl Burke (P.S.) 80,000
168 Make Believe (GB) / Topka (FR) B.F. (IRE) Voute Sales Ltd. (Agent) North Hills Co Ltd 55,000
107 Kingman (GB) / Serena's Storm (IRE) Gr.F. (IRE) Round Hill Stud, Ireland Oceanic Bloodstock for D Farm 300,000
87 Sepoy (AUS) / Samdaniya (GB) Ch.C. (GB) Genesis Green Stud Peter & Ross Doyle Bloodstock 65,000
39 Golden Horn (GB) / Polly's Mark (IRE) B.C. (GB) Bumble Mitchell Peter & Ross Doyle Bloodstock 220,000
104 Acclamation (GB) / Semaral (IRE) B.F. (GB) Moyns Park Stud Peter & Ross Doyle Bloodstock 57,000
124 Frankel (GB) / Soft Centre (GB) Ch.F. (GB) John Troy (Agent) Prime Equestrian 360,000
137 Golden Horn (GB) / Steel Princess (IRE) B.C. (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Prime Equestrian 100,000
151 Camelot (GB) / Tadris (USA) B.F. (IRE) Camas Park Stud, Ireland Prime Equestrian 130,000
31 Pivotal (GB) / Perfect Spirit (IRE) B.C. (GB) Norris Bloodstock R O'Ryan / R Fahey 110,000
70 Sea The Stars (IRE) / Rietondale (USA) Ch.F. (GNY) Newsells Park Stud Ltd. Rabbah Bloodstock 75,000
160 Bated Breath (GB) / Theladyinquestion (GB) B.F. (GB) Norris Bloodstock Rabbah Bloodstock 140,000
88 Kodiac (GB) / Samira Gold (FR) B.F. (GB) Houghton Bloodstock Rabbah Bloodstock 100,000
134 New Approach (IRE) / Starletina (IRE) Ch.C. (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Rabbah Bloodstock 50,000
145 Gleneagles (IRE) / Sweet Coincidence (GB) B.C. (GB) Tally-Ho Stud, Ireland Richard Knight Bloodstock / Sean Quinn 72,000
59 Farhh (GB) / Radhaadh (IRE) B.C. (GB) Yeomanstown Stud, Ireland Richard Knight Bloodstock Agent 72,000
133 Dubawi (IRE) / Splashdown (GB) Ch.C. (GB) Highclere Stud Rob Speers 105,000
141 Kitten's Joy (USA) / Stone Hope (USA) B.C. (USA) Barton Stud Robert MH Cowell 85,000
54 Kodiac (GB) / Queen Sarra (GB) B.C. (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Robert Moss 55,000
44 Camelot (GB) / Praia (GER) B.C. (GB) Newsells Park Stud Ltd. Roger Varian 280,000
42 Galileo (IRE) / Posterity (IRE) B.C. (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Roger Varian 500,000
99 Golden Horn (GB) / Screen Star (IRE) Gr.C. (IRE) Ballylinch Stud, Ireland Roger Varian 210,000
75 Muhaarar (GB) / Rose of Summer (USA) B.C. (IRE) Ballylinch Stud, Ireland (Agent) Roger Varian 375,000
138 Le Havre (IRE) / Stella Bellissima (IRE) B.C. (GB) Watership Down Stud SackvilleDonald 150,000
149 Exceed And Excel (AUS) / Swiss Dream (GB) B.C. (GB) Highclere Stud SackvilleDonald 120,000
30 Kodiac (GB) / Perfect Blessings (IRE) B.F. (GB) Norris Bloodstock SackvilleDonald 600,000
72 Kingman (GB) / Roscoff (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Mount Coote Stud, Ireland SackvilleDonald 425,000
129 Exceed And Excel (AUS) / Spesialta (GB) B.C. (IRE) Ballylinch Stud, Ireland SackvilleDonald 200,000
52 Lope de Vega (IRE) / Purr Along (GB) Ch.C. (GB) Newsells Park Stud Ltd. SackvilleDonald / Hughie Morrison 125,000
132 Iffraaj (GB) / Spiritual Air (GB) B.F. (IRE) Croom House Stud, Ireland Shadwell Estate Company 200,000
34 Siyouni (FR) / Phiz (GER) B.C. (FR) Watership Down Stud Shadwell Estate Company 200,000
148 Dark Angel (IRE) / Swiss Diva (GB) Gr.C. (GB) Watership Down Stud Shadwell Estate Company 260,000
100 Kingman (GB) / Seagull (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Mountain View Stud, Ireland Shadwell Estate Company 580,000
89 Siyouni (FR) / Sandy Girl (FR) B.F. (FR) European Sales Management Shadwell Estate Company 250,000
161 Golden Horn (GB) / Time Being (GB) B.C. (USA) Mount Coote Stud, Ireland Shadwell Estate Company 220,000
40 Siyouni (FR) / Pollyana (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Lynn Lodge Stud, Ireland Shadwell Estate Company 200,000
58 Muhaarar (GB) / Queenofthefairies (GB) B.F. (IRE) Tally-Ho Stud, Ireland Shadwell Estate Company 925,000
22 No Nay Never (USA) / Opera Fan (FR) B.F. (IRE) Camas Park Stud, Ireland Shawn Dugan, Agent 525,000
9 Dansili (GB) / Nicella (GER) B.F. (GNY) Pier House Stud, Ireland Shawn Dugan, Agent 220,000
144 Gutaifan (IRE) / Supreme Seductress (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Baroda & Colbinstown Studs, Ireland Shawn Dugan, Agent 200,000
14 Gleneagles (IRE) / No Explaining (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Clare Castle Stud, Ireland Stroud Coleman Bloodstock 190,000
140 Siyouni (FR) / Stirring Ballad (GB) Ch.C. (GB) Watership Down Stud Stroud Coleman Bloodstock 320,000
93 New Approach (IRE) / Savannah Belle (GB) B.C. (IRE) Lodge Park Stud, Ireland Stroud Coleman Bloodstock 425,000
113 Dubawi (IRE) / Shirocco Star (GB) B.C. (GB) Meon Valley Stud Stroud Coleman Bloodstock 1,100,000
172 Shamardal (USA) / Twilight Sky (GB) B.C. (IRE) Highclere Stud Stroud Coleman Bloodstock 150,000
157 Galileo (IRE) / Terror (IRE) B.C. (IRE) New England Stud Stroud Coleman Bloodstock 900,000
19 Dubawi (IRE) / Odeliz (IRE) B.C. (USA) Mount Coote Stud, Ireland Stroud Coleman Bloodstock 600,000
127 Lope de Vega (IRE) / Soon (IRE) Ch.F. (GB) New England Stud Stroud Coleman Bloodstock 220,000
41 Galileo (IRE) / Posset (GB) B.C. (IRE) Newsells Park Stud Ltd. Stroud Coleman Bloodstock 1,100,000
162 Dubawi (IRE) / Time Control (GB) B.F. (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Stroud Coleman Bloodstock 700,000
66 Dark Angel (IRE) / Relation Alexander (IRE) B.C. (IRE) Yeomanstown Stud, Ireland Stroud Coleman Bloodstock 300,000
33 Lope de Vega (IRE) / Peut Etre (IRE) Ch.C. (IRE) Ballyphilip Stud, Ireland Stroud Coleman Bloodstock 550,000
7 Kodiac (GB) / Need You Now (IRE) B.F. (IRE) Ballylinch Stud, Ireland Stroud Coleman Bloodstock 300,000
77 Sea The Stars (IRE) / Rosenreihe (IRE) Ch.C. (IRE) Stauffenberg Bloodstock Stuart Williams 115,000
13 Golden Horn (GB) / Nina Celebre (IRE) B.F. (GNY) Stauffenberg Bloodstock Sun Bloodstock 130,000
80 Exceed And Excel (AUS) / Royal Order (USA) B.C. (IRE) Jamie Railton (Agent) The Hong Kong Jockey Club 200,000
76 Fastnet Rock (AUS) / Roselita (IRE) B.C. (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment The Hong Kong Jockey Club 260,000
142 Farhh (GB) / Stoneacre Sarah (GB) Ch.C. (GB) Glidawn Stud, Ireland The Hong Kong Jockey Club 185,000
16 Siyouni (FR) / Notre Dame (GER) B.F. (GNY) Church View Stables, Ireland Tina Rau Bloodstock For Gestut Harzburg (P.S.) 50,000
65 Oasis Dream (GB) / Rehn's Nest (IRE) B.C. (GB) Watership Down Stud Troy Steve Bloodstock 70,000
120 Dubawi (IRE) / Sky Lantern (IRE) Gr.C. (GB) Highclere Stud Vendor 625,000
169 Starspangledbanner (AUS) / Torentosa (FR) B.C. (FR) Carmel Stud Vendor 170,000
115 Invincible Spirit (IRE) / Silk Sari (GB) B.C. (GB) Highclere Stud Vendor 65,000
79 War Front (USA) / Royal Decree (USA) B.F. (GB) Watership Down Stud Vendor 385,000
6 Siyouni (FR) / Neamour (GB) Ch.F. (GB) Church View Stables, Ireland Vendor 90,000
114 Muhaarar (GB) / Shumoos (USA) B.C. (GB) Aislabie Stud Vendor 280,000
68 Frankel (GB) / Ribbons (GB) B.F. (GB) Kirtlington Stud Vendor 300,000
25 Invincible Spirit (IRE) / Palitana (USA) B.C. (GB) Hascombe & Valiant Stud Ltd. Vendor 110,000
21 Frankel (GB) / Onshore (GB) B.F. (IRE) Glenvale Stud, Ireland Vendor 240,000
85 Charm Spirit (IRE) / Salicorne (USA) B.F. (GB) European Sales Management Vendor 120,000
4 Australia (GB) / Natty Bumppo (IRE) Ch.C. (GB) Glenvale Stud, Ireland Vendor 95,000
146 Kingman (GB) / Sweet Rose (GB) B.F. (GB) New England Stud Vendor 50,000
163 Distorted Humor (USA) / Time On (GB) B.C. (GB) Newsells Park Stud Ltd. Vendor 140,000
164 Dansili (GB) / Time Saved (GB) B.C. (GB) Newsells Park Stud Ltd. Vendor 110,000
152 Dansili (GB) / Talent (GB) B.C. (GB) Ashbrittle Stud Vendor 320,000
102 Oasis Dream (GB) / Secret Keeper (GB) B.F. (GB) Barton Stud Vendor 75,000
24 Nathaniel (IRE) / Our Queen of Kings (GB) B.C. (GB) Newsells Park Stud Ltd. Vendor 48,000
60 Daiwa Major (JPN) / Ravarino (USA) Ch.C. (JPN) The Castlebridge Consignment Vendor 90,000
155 Gleneagles (IRE) / Temida (IRE) B.F. (GB) Britton House Stud Vendor 100,000
47 Invincible Spirit (IRE) / Pretty Face (GB) B.F. (IRE) La Motteraye Consignment & Omméel Vendor 170,000
143 Showcasing (GB) / Super Lina (FR) Gr.F. (FR) European Sales Management Vendor 48,000
78 Siyouni (FR) / Rosinka (IRE) B.C. (GB) Lofts Hall Stud White Birch Farm 200,000
36 Sea The Stars (IRE) / Planete Bleue (IRE) B.F. (GB) Ashbrittle Stud White Birch Farm 140,000
121 Kingman (GB) / Smart Step (GB) B.C. (GB) Lofts Hall Stud White Birch Farm 500,000
165 Nathaniel (IRE) / Tingling (USA) B.F. (FR) Kirtlington Stud Will Edmeades Bloodstock 120,000
128 Harbour Watch (IRE) / Sorella Bella (IRE) B.C. (GB) Mount Coote Stud, Ireland Will Edmeades Bloodstock 55,000