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Lot   Name Sex by Sire x Dam    Stabling
1969Poet's Voice (GB) / If Or When (IRE) B.C. Related Results HF CC 741
Consignor: Houghton Bloodstock  
1970Sayif (IRE) / Immortelle (GB) B.C. Related Results Som U 413
Consignor: Llety Farms  
1971Archipenko (USA) / Jaja de Jau (GB) B.F. Related Results HF E 47
Consignor: Beech Tree Stud  
1972Cityscape (GB) / L'Addition (GB) B.C. Related Results Som T 382
Consignor: Overbury Stud  
1973Universal (IRE) / Loose Caboose (IRE) B.F. Related Results Low  585
Consignor: Placida Bloodstock  
1974Cityscape (GB) / Lupa Montana (USA) Ch.C. Related Results HF E 46A
Consignor: Voute Sales Ltd. (Agent)  
1975Canford Cliffs (IRE) / Marydale (GB) B.C. Related Results HF E 46
Consignor: Cashel Bloodstock  
1976Poet's Voice (GB) / Meddle (GB) B.F. Related Results HF E 45
Consignor: Grove Farm Stud, Newmarket  
1977Farhh (GB) / Millennium Heiress (GB) B.C. Related Results HF E 44
Consignor: Manor House Farm Stud  
1978Equiano (FR) / Millsini (GB) Ch.F. Related Results HF CC 742
Consignor: Houghton Bloodstock  
1979Dick Turpin (IRE) / Minty Fox (GB) Gr.C. Related Results Som U 417
Consignor: Shortgrove Manor Stud  
1980Roderic O'Connor (IRE) / Ms Cromby (IRE) Ch.F. Related Results HF J 159
Consignor: Knocklong House Stud, Ireland  
1981Sommerabend (GB) / No Charge (IRE) B.F. Related Results Som U 418
Consignor: The Glanvilles Stud  
1982Finjaan (GB) / Pesse (IRE) B.F. Related Results Som U 414
Consignor: Llety Farms  
1983Heeraat (IRE) / Plead (FR) B.C. Related Results HF J 160
Consignor: Mickley Stud Ltd.  
1984Farhh (GB) / River of Silence (IRE) B.C. Related Results Som U 419
Consignor: Kingwood Stud  
1985Bated Breath (GB) / Sensible Way (USA) Ch.C. Related Results Som T 384
Consignor: Whitwell Bloodstock  
1986Mount Nelson (GB) / The Blue Dog (IRE) B.C. Related Results HF AA 687
Consignor: GG Bloodstock & Racing  
1987Sayif (IRE) / Timeless Elegance (IRE) B.F. Related Results Som U 415
Consignor: Llety Farms  
1988Epaulette (AUS) / Topflight Princess (GB) B.C. Related Results HF AA 689
Consignor: Fairmaiden Bloodstock Ltd.  
1989Swiss Spirit (GB) / Tryptonic (FR) B.F. Related Results HF AA 690
Consignor: Pentre Beili Farm Stud  
1990Footstepsinthesand (GB) / Admirable Spirit (GB) B.F. Related Results HF CC 743
Consignor: Houghton Bloodstock  
1991Gregorian (IRE) / Aegean Mystery (GB) B.F. Related Results HF CC 744
Consignor: Houghton Bloodstock  
1992Mayson (GB) / Aegean Shadow (GB) Ch.F. Related Results HF CC 745
Consignor: Houghton Bloodstock  
1993Epaulette (AUS) / Aimee Tricks (GB) B.F. Related Results HF AA 691
Consignor: Birkett Bloodstock  
1994Makfi (GB) / Aldeburgh Music (IRE) B.C. Related Results HF AA 693
Consignor: Byerley Stud  
1995Paco Boy (IRE) / Amy Winehorse (GB) B.F. Related Results HF AA 692
Consignor: Birkett Bloodstock  
1996Paco Boy (IRE) / Arculinge (GB) B.C. Related Results HF AA 694
Consignor: Throckmorton Court Stud  
1997Mayson (GB) / Astrobrava (GB) Ch.F. Related Results HF CC 746
Consignor: Houghton Bloodstock  
1998Mayson (GB) / Athwaab (GB) B.F. Related Results HF CC 747
Consignor: Houghton Bloodstock  
1999Coach House (IRE) / Bookiesindexdotnet (GB) B.F. Related Results HF CC 748
Consignor: Houghton Bloodstock  
2000Cityscape (GB) / Brimful (IRE) B.C. Related Results Som T 383
Consignor: Overbury Stud  
2001Alhebayeb (IRE) / Caerella (IRE) Ro.C. Related Results HF J 161
Consignor: Mickley Stud Ltd.  
2002Compton Place (GB) / Candy Mountain (GB) Ch.F. Related Results HF AA 688
Consignor: GG Bloodstock & Racing  
2003Foxwedge (AUS) / Colombia (IRE) B.C. Related Results HF AA 695
Consignor: Abbey Farm Stud  
2004Motivator (GB) / Dark Quest (GB) B.C. Related Results HF BB 696
Consignor: a Partnership  
2005Lope de Vega (IRE) / Demi Voix (GB) Ch.F. Related Results HF CC 749
Consignor: Houghton Bloodstock  
2006Harbour Watch (IRE) / Elegant Times (IRE) Br.F. Related Results HF BB 697
Consignor: Arbour Tree Stud  
2007Mount Nelson (GB) / Ellcon (IRE) B.C. Related Results HF BB 698
Consignor: M. K. P. Turner  
2008Dandy Man (IRE) / Elusive Ice (IRE) Br.F. Related Results Som T 385
Consignor: Whitwell Bloodstock  
2009Universal (IRE) / Enjoyment (GB) B.F. Related Results Low  586
Consignor: Placida Bloodstock  
2010Garswood (GB) / Galante (FR) B.F. Related Results HF BB 699
Consignor: Elkington Stud  
2011Compton Place (GB) / Glen Molly (IRE) B.F. Related Results Som U 416
Consignor: Llety Farms  
2012Moohaajim (IRE) / Gracilia (FR) B.C. Related Results HF BB 700
Consignor: Catridge Farm Stud  
2013Pour Moi (IRE) / Habdab (GB) B.C. Related Results HF BB 701
Consignor: Catridge Farm Stud  
2014Garswood (GB) / Heliograph (GB) B.F. Related Results HF BB 702
Consignor: Oakshott Bloodstock  
2015Heeraat (IRE) / Honky Tonk Queen (USA) B.F. Related Results Som T 386
Consignor: Whitwell Bloodstock  
2016Kyllachy (GB) / Hot Reply (GB) Br.F. Related Results HF BB 703
Consignor: Aislabie Stud