Racehorse Sponsorship

Tattersalls Racehorse Sponsorship 2024-2026

Eligibility of Racehorses for Sponsorship

Eligible Horses

Tattersalls will offer Racehorse Sponsorship to all yearlings purchased at the Tattersalls October Yearling Sale, Books 1, 2, 3, 4 and the December Yearling Sale. In addition, all horses purchased at either Tattersalls Breeze Up Sale and all two-year-olds in training purchased at any Tattersalls sale qualify for sponsorship, and provided that the relevant commission has been paid vendor buy-ins and private sales will be accepted. All horses in the scheme must be UK trained.

Eligible Owners

Any owner of an eligible horse, whether or not VAT registered.


2024-2026, covering the two, three and four year-old career.

Sponsorship Fee

£250 per horse per year payable only after horse has run in the UK with the owner's colours carrying the Tattersalls logo and attendant's clothing bearing the Tattersalls logo has been worn. Tattersalls will provide and pay for the sponsor's logo to be affixed to the owner's colours and will supply the attendant's clothing bearing the company logo.

Please ensure owner's colours are sent to:
Oddington Grange,
Weston on the Green,
OX25 3QW
Tel: 0870 870 0808


Tattersalls will lodge agreement with BHA.


£250 in 2024, 2025 and 2026 after the sponsored horse has run in each year. The owner must supply Tattersalls with a valid invoice for the sponsorship fee (plus VAT if applicable) together with the completed runner's certificate.

In the event of sale, the owner is asked to assign sponsorship to the new owner.

All agreements must be on the form provided by Tattersalls and this guide does not form part of that agreement. For further details on the scheme, please contact alex.mommersteeg@tattersalls.com