Judgement in the Case of Tattersalls Ltd vs Tom George and Alex Elliott

Further to today’s hearing and the judgement given by His Honour Judge Hellman, Tattersalls issued the following statement;

"We are pleased that the Judge has ruled in favour of Tattersalls and upheld the integrity of our conditions of sale. Mr George has aired his views regarding our terms and conditions and associated procedures. His views have been fully considered by the court during a three day trial and each and every defence raised by Mr George has been dismissed by the judge.

"Tattersalls’ conditions of sale have always been carefully calibrated to strike a fair balance between the rights of purchasers and vendors and we are pleased that the court has upheld their validity and effect. It should be noted that the judge made specific reference to the published article on the ‘Endoscopy of Horses’ written by eminent equine vets Deirdre Carson and Sidney Ricketts which concluded that the methodology used by Tattersalls to adjudicate on wind disputes is “the fairest environment for buyers and sellers."

"The court has also found that Tattersalls correctly arbitrated a dispute between two parties with the assistance of its independent wind panel comprising three experienced vets who are all held in the highest regard by the equine veterinary community.”