Inward Buyers

BHB/TBA Inward Buyers' Initiative

The BHB/TBA Inward Buyers' Initiative in conjunction with Tattersalls and Goffs UK offers to subsidise travel expenses of selected purchasers from outside the British Isles at Sales held by Tattersalls subject to purchases of 10,000 guineas or more per sale.

The Scheme will give a set refund based on the cost of an Apex fare from the country of origin when the purchaser from outside the British Isles produces both proof of purchase at the relevant sale and valid travel documents.

All potential buyers from outside the British Isles should email Alex Mommersteeg at Tattersalls as early as possible prior to the relevant sale as the scheme will be operated on a 'first come first served' basis to a set budget.

For any queries regarding the BHB/TBA Inward Buyers' Initiative, please contact:

Alex Mommersteeg at Tattersalls
T: + 44 1638 665931
F: +44 1638 660850